Film photography has around for far more years than digital photography and without any doubt, the quality of film photography still remains unsurpassed.

There are many people who think that film cameras have become obsolete and lost their worth with so many digital products but this is not so. While we might be living in an era that has been overtaken by digital products, the significance of film cameras for beginners remains as strong as ever; nothing can beat them as they are the first tools that help in learning and teaching the basics of photography.

This is because the picture quality as well as the utility of the film camera is above the latest models of digital photography and it can give photographers an edge to shoot with the best film cameras that are available to them.

There is a wide variety of film cameras available in the market, incredibly high quality as well as professional level ones, which make photography a joy with their top picture quality and settings.  For beginners who are looking forward to making their careers in film photography, there is a good choice for them when it comes to selecting the best film cameras to learn on as well as initiate their careers.

For a beginner, differentiating between the various models of film cameras might seem very tough but in reality, they are all similar as they perform the same function and deliver the same results in their own way. They have the same mechanisms with a slight difference in the models and it is up to the buyers to make the right choice, keeping their needs in mind.

Things to Know When Going To Buy Film Cameras for Beginners 

Taking photographs with film cameras helps beginners understand the basics of photography as well as gives them an appreciation of the modern counterparts that have made things so easy for them. With the right film cameras, beginners can learn to focus on the angles as well as the functions of a camera and how various models can be used for innovative photography.

There are a few basic things to look for when selecting the best film cameras as they help to make the right decisions and make the art of learning photography a real joy.

Select a Model That Is Easy To Repair In Case It Gets Damaged

When buying their first cameras, it is necessary for beginners to make sure that they choose a model that is easy to repair in case it gets damaged.  It should be a common make and model that is easy to repair and maintain in the long run because repair and upkeep gets costly with models that have become obscure.

Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Minolta, Vivitar and Leica (rangefinder) film cameras for beginners are some of the most popular brands for new users when it comes to learning photography as they can be found and maintained really easily.

The best thing about choosing from these brands is that their lenses and accessories are also readily available and beginners can enjoy using them without suffering from any problems like lack of parts or repair tools.

Go for a Model That Has a Built-In Light Meter

For beginners, learning the correct exposure can be hard and they will not a screen like digital cameras have to check their work and see how it is going. The best thing to do to in this regard is to choose a camera that has a built-in light meter as it will get you the correct exposure you need.

The best thing to do in this regard is to buy a camera that comes with a battery operated light meter so that it can be replaced with the battery when it dies.

What Type of Film to Use

When starting their photography career and looking for the best film cameras for beginners, it is necessary to know which type of film must be used. For most students, their teachers will be guiding them as different cameras shoot with different kinds of films. Some cameras shoot 35mm, some 110 mm and some with 120 mm. 35mm is the standard format that is available in canisters and produces rectangular photos that have become the standard. 35mm film is readily available at most photography stores.

On the other hand, 120mm film is larger and produces more detailed pictures while 110 mm is for pocket cameras. Instant film is only meant for instant cameras and does not need any processing time as it develops within a matter of seconds. It is up to the beginners to determine what type of pictures they want as it will help them decide the type of film and camera they will be using.

What Type of Photos to Shoot

Every camera has something unique and special about it and it is only when the users decide what type of pictures they want to take that they will be able to determine which film camera will be best for this job.  It is up to the users to know if they will be taking outdoor natural shots or going for indoor photography or even still shots to determine which type of camera will suit them best. In this regard, it is necessary to take a look at the features and accessories of each camera model and pick the one that suits their needs best.

When it comes to film cameras for beginners, it becomes necessary to keep in mind some of the most important aspects of photography as well as the photographer’s need to determine which product will be the best. Beginners need to understand that photography is serious business and they can only succeed if they make the right choice and use film cameras that are easy to use and produce the best results.


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