If you aren’t familiar with using disposable cameras, you may wonder how the film inside the device can even be developed. However, you’ll be likely to find that it isn’t much more difficult than a standard film-using camera. To help you with figuring it out, we’re going to provide a couple of options for getting the film in your disposable camera developed.

Mail It In

One of the easier options you have is to mail the camera to a processing service. Make sure that you look for options that specifically state that they can work with disposable camera film. If you need to, give them a call or send an email to check and make sure.
Typically, you should be able to find these kinds of services over the internet by doing a simple search. If you need a direction, companies like York and Kodak can offer film processing options by mail. That will allow you to mail in your camera and wait for results simply.

Choose Your Processor

Make sure that you choose the processor carefully. Look for more well-known companies as they will be more likely to represent a legitimate option. If you aren’t sure about a specific processor, feel free to look up some reviews about the company or visit their website to make sure it’s a good option.
Keep in mind that some processors will even offer free shipping, so make sure to search for those options if that is something you’d prefer to take advantage. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the customer service department for the processor you’re considering.

Mail Your Film

If they offer it, go ahead and print your labels from the processor website. Otherwise, print out the order form you need and make your labels. Pack the camera carefully, making sure you use as much padding as you feel is needed to keep the camera safe for the trip. Make sure to fill out the order form and add it to the package with the camera. Clearly mark or write exactly what you need so that the processor will know what to do. Also, include your email and phone number just in case the processor needs to ask you something about your order.

Wait for the Results

It can be a good idea to choose a shipping option with a tracking number, as you’ll be able to make sure that your package arrives. Depending on the processor you’ve chosen, the turn-around time can be up to around three weeks. The great thing about this is you can go about your normal life at home while you wait.
If you have been waiting about three weeks or longer without results or notification, then feel free to check in on your order to make sure everything is okay. The customer service department should be able to help correct any problems and update you, so you know what to expect.

The Local Option

Whether you want a shorter wait time or prefer to take your film somewhere more local to be developed, you can still trust that there are places around that will be able to develop the film in your disposable camera.
Keep in mind that this option may not be as easy as finding a processor online. It’s going to depend on where you live and what kind of options are available. To find the perfect local solution, follow the steps below and your film will be developed in no time.

Choose a Store

This is likely to be the most difficult part of getting your disposable camera film developed. Luckily, you do have a few options. Generally speaking, camera stores, drugstores, and sometimes even larger retail stores will offer the ability to process film.
Think about the stores in your area, do your online search if you need to, and make sure to contact potential options to make sure they can not only process your film but also they can develop disposable films specifically. That way, you won’t have to leave your home just to find a place can’t do what you need.

Wait for the Processing

After you’ve taken your film to the store, you’ll likely need to wait. Patience is a virtue in your life! In some places, you may be able to get your prints in an hour or later that same day. Meanwhile, in others, you may need to wait anywhere from a week to ten days for the film to be finished.
Typically, the store will contact you when the film is ready. However, just like when you mail it in, if you’re beginning to feel concern about the wait time then feel free to give the store a call to check in on your order.

Pay and Enjoy

When you go to the store, plan to pay for your pictures. It’s a good idea to get an idea of the cost for your specific photos ahead of time because it can differ depending on your needs. Some of the variables that can affect the cost are whether you want a glossy or matte finish and how many copies of the prints you need and what size.
After you have the photos, enjoy! Make sure your order has been completed as you requested and then you can move on to sharing them, placing them in frames or photo albums and keeping those memories.


Because it isn’t as common in modern times, finding places that will develop the film from disposable cameras can be a little trickier than it used to be. Having said that, it is far from an impossible task. There are multiple methods, including mailing your film in or taking it to a local store.
The most important part is to make sure that the processor you choose can handle your specific film needs and go from there. If you set yourself up to succeed, you’ll find that you’ll be much more likely to get to enjoy your photos more quickly and efficiently.


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