When digital cameras first made their way to the market, most of the people were of the opinion that film cameras would die a natural death as there was nothing better to replace them. Even though it has been more than 40 years since the first digital camera was launched, it has yet to take the place of film camera photography and beat it in the industry. Then newest and best models of digital cameras are making their way to consumers but for the ultimate professional, it is still the film camera that holds attraction.

There are numerous reasons why professional photographers still choose film cameras over digital devices. This article discusses some of these reasons and helps the readers understand what makes film cameras so popular, even in this digital era.

Film Cameras Make Each Shot Perfect

If we go through our albums that were shot with film cameras, we would see some of the best clicks. The problem with digital images is that while there are so many of them, none of them is perfect. We keep on taking more and more shots but we fail to find one perfect picture that everyone would love.

When we used film cameras, we didn’t worry about the perfect picture and yet, we have some of the most memorable clicks in our albums that everyone just loves to see. While digital cameras have given us a chance to take more pictures, the quality of these pictures has been lost somewhere in between.

Film Cameras Had Higher Dynamic Range

It might come as a surprise to you but this is a fact that HDR has been here since ages, almost since photography. It is only when digital photography came to light and various other software were launched that we became aware of what it actually was. Film cameras provided us everything to satisfy our photography needs but we did not know what it was all about; with digital cameras we began to experience everything on our own and learned about editing and cropping images.

No Need for Electricity – Really

In order to use a film camera, you do not need electricity at all. From start to end, you can come up with photographic negatives and make prints without needing any electrical power. This might come as a real surprise to the newer generation that cannot function without charging their digital gadgets and thinks the world runs on electricity.

There is something really unique and satisfying in working with a film camera, all alone and creating beautiful pictures in a dark room without being dependent on anything or anyone. This is what sets it really apart from digital photography.

The Biggest of All – The Element of Surprise

Getting to see your marvelous clicks contains an element of surprise as you wait anxiously to see the pictures that were clicked randomly or for a special occasion. The joys of seeing years old pictures in albums and remembering when they were taken is something that today’s generation will not be able to experience with their digital cameras.

Film Camera Photography Gives Power of Creation

While many people might not agree with this, professional photographers argue that film cameras give a power of creation as taking the right angle, setting up the light and focus and clicking the shot are akin to creating something powerful and give photographers a chance to bring in all their creativities to come up with that perfect shot. This can only be achieved with a film camera as digital cameras are too advanced and they can be used to take multiple shots and adjustments can be made on a computer that takes the joy of creation from it.

Film Camera Photography Gives Room for Experimentation

With film cameras, photographers have a lot of room for experimentation as there are lots of models and every model has something new and something better. It is up to the photographer to see what type of pictures or shots interest him or her and how they should plan their pictures to work the best way and achieve the desired results in photography.

Film Camera Photography Is Real

The best thing about using a film camera is that the pictures you get are very real and help you relate. This is something that many people might not be able to understand or relate to but this holds true. With digital photography, we just store pictures and not memories while with film cameras, we get some marvelous memories that remain with us and seeing those pictures takes us back to that time.

Not only this, but film photography is real and it can be touched and held which makes it far superior than digital photography.

It Ends the Megapixel Race

The best thing about film cameras is that they take you away from the race of megapixels. Everyone just wants to know how many megapixels your new digital camera or mobile phone camera has which is becoming very annoying with the passage of time. There are far other important things to consider than wondering about the pixel content of cameras.

You will get the best picture quality with film cameras without worrying about how many megapixels they have and if you have a sharp and quality image you will have a priceless image that will remain with you forever.


There are numerous reasons why film camera photography is still far above digital photography and why so many professional photographers still prefer to take a shot with their old camera. Film photography gives them a sense of satisfaction and pride of actually doing something and achieving their goals. No matter how digital photography grows and how much it advances, film cameras will remain the number one choice of users all over the world and help to create some great and unforgettable memories for times to come.


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